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Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a partnership between farmers and community members who work together to build a healthy local food system.

There has never been a more critical time to support your farming neighbors. With each local food purchase, you ensure that more of your money goes directly to the farmer.

Membership Benefits

  • 24 Weekly boxes of fresh produce that is grown right here in SE Iowa
  • Choice of three types of boxes: Organic, Organic juicing, and Clean, not organically certified
    • $360 for a cleanly grown, non-organic certified share ($15/share for 24 weeks)
    • $480 for an organic share ($20/share for 24 weeks)
    • $528 for a premium organic juicing share ($22/share for 24 weeks)
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Southeast Iowa Food Hub serves thirteen counties:


About SE Iowa Food Hub

Vision: To develop a healthy local food system for present and future generations.

Mission: To establish and cultivate a sustainable food network of local farmers and consumers who share a common commitment to healthy farms, healthy communities, and healthy people – physically, socially, and economically.

Purpose of the Organization: To encourage the production, efficient marketing and distribution of foods that accommodate the preferences of local consumers who are seeking wholesome, nutritious foods which are produced in sustainable ways.

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Browse through the list of local producers and go right to the source,  look for a farmers market near you, or download the 2014 Buy Fresh Buy Local Food Guide.

News & Events

MUM Launches New Initiative to Source Produce Locally

Maharishi University of Management has recently started a new program to purchase produce locally. The purchasing criteria, called Fairfood, was developed by Sustainable Living faculty member Dr. Appachanda Thimmaiah, who wrote the organic standards for the country of Bhutan. The new standard prescribes no genetically modified foods, no synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, using hot composting for soil fertility, and other sustainable growing practices. This new standard allows local farmers who are not certified organic to sell their produce directly to MUM. Read more.... read more

Rare partnership in Fairfield delivers veggies to kids

Minutes after train cars loaded with coal roll by, Jan Swinton admits this rough industrial park on Fairfield’s north side is hardly where you’d expect to find the beginnings of a lush vegetable garden that will help feed the area’s 1,700 schoolchildren. But there, tucked behind a nondescript factory, is a new greenhouse, sprouting spinach, radishes, pea shoots, greens and lettuce on a cold April day, thanks to its industrial partner next door. Read... read more

SE Iowa Food Hub is part of a larger network of Regional Food Systems Working Groups (RFSWG)  throughout Iowa. Together, we are learning more about the Economic Impact of Local Foods.
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Read about Iowa’s Local Food Champions.


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